NT201 The Greek of

the new testament i

Welcome to your first semester of Greek at GBI! This course serves as an introduction to the grammar, morphology, and vocabulary of Koine Greek. The material of this first semester will limit itself to the Greek noun-system. This course, along with subsequent courses, will provide the student with the tools necessary for reading and translating the Greek New Testament.

Click here for the class syllabus.

  • Assignments

    Due on December 5

    We didn't have class on November 21. The next two weeks will require some independent work. Here are five essential tasks to complete before our class meeting on December 5

    1. Turn in last week's vocab quiz.

    2. Make sure you've finished Exercise #6.

    3. Read through ch. 7 PowerPoint slides and fill in TNT blanks.

    4. Read BBG ch. 7.  

    5. Complete Exercise #7.

  • These Necessary Things

    This workbook by Robert W. Carver condenses and summarizes Bill Mounce's Greek Grammar and aids the student in obtaining the most essential pieces of grammatical data for competency in elementary Koine Greek.

  • Basics of Biblical Greek

    Basics of Biblical Greek, by Bill Mounce, serves as the primary textbook for this course. The lectures and homework assignments are built on this foundational work.

  • Internet Resources

    Bill Mounce's Greek audio lectures available for free through biblicaltraining.org

    Rod Decker's articles on Greek linguistics, Bible translation, and much more: http://ntresources.com/blog/

    Evangelical Textual Criticism blog, for all things textual criticism: http://evangelicaltextualcriticism.blogspot.co.uk/