NT301 The Greek of

the New testament III

Click here for exam #1. Only open when you're ready to take it.

Here is the vocab quiz for Nov 21.

Welcome to your third semester of Greek at GBI! This course serves as an introduction to the grammar, morphology, and vocabulary of Koine Greek. The material of this first semester will limit itself to the Greek verb-system. This course, along with subsequent courses, will provide the student with the tools necessary for reading and translating the Greek New Testament.

  • Assignments

    For December 5:  

    1. Complete the Translation Assignment

    2. Turn in any past due tests or quizzes

    3. Make sure you've read up through BBG ch. 23

    4. Be ready to receive instructions about the final exam (due Dec 12)

    Exam #1 information:

         a. Its Content

              - The Pane

              - Verb Formations: imperfect, first aorist, second aorist

                   (this will follow the same format as TNT pg. 78)

              - Translations/parsing: it will include vocab through ch. 23

         b. Its Administration Time(s)

              - Option #1: Highly Recommend

                   Take the exam after class this Saturday in the library.

              - Option #2: Not Recommended

                   Take the exam home with you and complete it by Nov 28.


  • Class Texts

    This course plans to complete chapters 20-25 of BBG this semester.

  • Internet Resources

    Bill Mounce's Greek audio lectures available for free through biblicaltraining.org

    Rod Decker's articles on Greek linguistics, Bible translation, and much more: http://ntresources.com/blog/

    Evangelical Textual Criticism blog, for all things textual criticism: http://evangelicaltextualcriticism.blogspot.co.uk/