PT201 Preaching Practicum I:

Preaching the New Testament

The preaching practicum courses provide the student with the opportunity to apply the principles and methods of PT101 Introduction to Expository Preaching. Students will evaluate each other throughout the course of the semester. This particular class focuses on the unique demands of preaching didactic literature in the New Testament. This course is open to men only.

  • Preaching Schedule

    If you haven't done so already, please select an open preaching date on the signup sheet on the church bulletin board. The preaching calendar will run from October - December. Preaching times will take place during the normal Sunday School hour.    

  • Recommended Resources

    Expositional Imposters: a great IX Marks article in which Mike Gilbart-Smith outlines twelve pitfalls to avoid in expository preaching.

    Preaching with Variety: Jeffrey D. Arthurs shows you how to think through the excitement and challenges of preaching different biblical genres.