grace Bible Institute:


We believe that the local church bears the primary responsibility to equip the saints for the work of service (Ephesians 4.12) and to commit biblical truth to faithful men who will, in turn, teach the same truth to others (II Timothy 2.2). GBI, therefore, has a two-fold purpose: (1) equipping the saints for service in the local church and (2) training men for future pastoral ministry. GBI exists to support the discipleship ministry of Grace Bible Church of Tampa by offering classes in general Bible knowledge; hermeneutical principles to heighten competency in personal Bible study; practicum courses that provide hands-on ministry experience; and the tools and practices necessary for faithful lesson or sermon preparation. GBI is an non-accredited training institute.

We offer three different programs of study. The first two programs are coeducational. The third is for men desiring to pursue pastoral ministry.

  • Bible Basics Certificate

    This program of study seeks to provide the student with a basic biblical, theological, and hermeneutical foundation. Program Requirements:   Hermeneutics, Old Testament Survey I-II, New Testament Survey, Fundamentals of the Faith, Electives (2). Total: 7 classes

  • Theological Studies Certificate

    The Theological Studies program builds on the foundation of the Bible Basics Certificate and provides further grounding in biblical interpretation and theology. Program Requirements: Hermeneutics I-II, Fundamentals of the Faith, Old Testament Survey I-II, New Testament Survey, Systematic Theology I-III, Church History,Introduction to Biblical Counseling, Electives (3). Total: 14 classes

  • Pastoral Studies Certificate

    The Pastoral Studies program includes the course work from the two previous certificates, but adds key courses for the exegesis of the Bible in its original languages and sermon preparation and delivery. It is designed for men who desire training in the essentials of a faithful preaching and pastoral ministry. Program Requirements: Hermeneutics I-II, Old Testament Survey I-II, New Testament Survey, The Greek of the New Testament I-IV, New Testament Exegetical Methodology, Systematic Theology I-III, Apologetics and Evangelism, Church History, Doctrinal Position Paper, Introduction to Expository Preaching, Preaching Practicum I-III, Introduction to Biblical Counseling, Electives (2). Total: 23 classes