GBC Deaf church

In November of 2009, God did a great work in the life of Grace Bible Church by bringing two church bodies together. One of the visions of GBC was to have a cross cultural church - to be a church that ministered to many different tribes, tongues and nations. God accomplished a portion of this vision when Tampa Baptist Deaf Church merged with Grace in November 2009. This opened up great opportunities for Grace Bible Church to minister to a new group of people in our community. Grace Bible is now a Church for the deaf and the hearing because the work of our glorious Lord.

Pastor Ronaldo Feliciano

Pastor Ronaldo is the shepherd to the deaf for Grace Bible Church of Tampa. Ronaldo has been married to his wife Jona for over 20 years.  He is unique among pastors in America because he is an expository signing pastor. Ronaldo knows the power of the Word of God to both convert and sanctify, thus he makes it his aim to preach verse by verse through books of the Bible using ASL. The focus on Biblical exposition is unique in the deaf community in America and is very refreshing. Ronaldo is not only passionate about God’s Word, but he is also gifted in signing Christian music. Grace Bible Church of Tampa is blessed with this minister of the Gospel.